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About us


Our history

Terra e Turismo is a Widespread hotel, born from the idea of ​​our family to restore fruit and value to the land of our ancestors, Why, we believe that the terra both a pleasure and a mission of our age, not just how growers, but also how travelers, researchers of the like, of eating and drinking. Users of the slowness ofleisure, and eager to stimulate, traveling, all five senses.

Safe welcome

After the serious coronavirus pandemic covid-19 our structures adopted all the measures recommended by federalberghi for a "Safe welcome

With us you can live a holiday in full Relax and worry-free. Enjoy the sun, the sea, the flavors, history, the art, the traditions of this wonderful island that is Sicily.


Why Choose Us?

Our strength is to enhance the holidays of our guests by offering them the opportunity to organize a tour in the various cities , staying in different places, reviving the history of our Earth.

Terra e Turismo is a company born in 2006 with a clear idea: offer unique and unforgettable experiences to travelers who want to discover Sicily. Each of our structures tells the stories of our Earth, from the aromas of wine and aromatic plants, to the legend of King Arthur in the Sicilian village of Castelmola, to the Sicilian Baroque of historic Catania with the Francalanza family and the viceroys' events.