Two days in Taormina: 4 places not to be missed

Greek theatre

As Prof.. Pietro Rizzo: "He who first conceived the construction of a theater on the top of the hill, he must have possessed the genius of an artist. The half-demolished scene preserves in its center a large slit through which the observer embraces not only all the ruins of the Theater with his gaze., but also the majesty of Etna and the coast. "

Beautiful island

Isola Bella is a very green rock with a beautiful house once this large rock was joined to the beach now at low tide it is turned on from the beach through a tongue of rock covered with a layer of sand.

Sanctuary of the Madonna della Rocca

At the foot of the castle is the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Rocca, the church and convent can be reached by car or via a beautiful panoramic staircase the Via Crucis.

The Sanctuary is attached to an old uninhabited convent of monks.

The Blue Grotto

After hiring a boat, cross the waters of Capo S’Andrea and right between the steep rocks and hollowed out by the waves you will find the Blue Grotto. Perhaps the entrance will cause some fear, proceeding to the bottom of the cave the sea gently beats on the rock and creates a play of shimmering colors.